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Caring for the DKI (Special Capital Territory) Residents Sense of Secure




The Public trust to the police depends on the extent to how the police are able to create and maintain a sense of community security. A sense of security grows when there is no crime. To increase the trust of DKI Jakarta residents in the police, there are no other choice for the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police in addition to increase the effort of the crime prevention based on the community.

Why did the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police choose the crime prevention on a community basis? Because in addition to overcoming the limitations of police personnel, there are many costs including social costs that can be saved, while on the other hand, the results can be maximized.

The crime prevention the community basis is also able to raise awareness of the diverse residents of DKI(Special Capital of Jakarta) regarding their environment. The police can mingling, fusing, reducing or even eliminating the “distance” from the community. The police become part of society. On the other hand, the community, through the community policing (Polmas) activities, is increasingly capable and confident in caring the safety of their environment.

How to build a crime prevention system of the community basis? I always start this step by designating a specific location as a target subject, or a pilot project. After the location is determined, we set the targets, design the efforts to achieve the target through an appropriate system design, later on, we prepare all the devices and tools needed, including preparing skilled personnel and preparing for collaboration with other agencies. All activities are based on related social science theory.

One the example of this, it was when we changed the “Kampung narkoba (drug village)”, in the neighborhood of RW 7, Kedaung Kaliangke Village, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, in 2014. At that time I was officiate as a Chief of West Jakarta Police District, while Mr. Gembong Yudha who has the rank of Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant becomes Unit Head of Narcotics.

After we carried out the repressive actions by raiding some of the largest opium houses in there, Saturday (March, 16th 2013), we took the preemptive measures by opening the dialogic communication with all stakeholders, especially the residents of RW 7.

In the middle of August 2014, for a week, we started greeting, collecting data on residents through the door to door system. One by one the residents’ doors, we knocked

The residents welcomed our first step. But we didn’t give up until we finally found the right communication pattern.

One of the results is the rousing celebration of Indonesian independence of the Republic of Indonesia, we held the celebration. For the first time, the celebration involved almost all residents. Later on, we made the celebration the entrance to our program, “Drug-free Community Association (RW)”.

Furthermore, we take the preventive actions together with related agencies to restore the economy of the residents. In collaboration with the provincial and city governments, community leaders, donors, and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), we conduct small business training.

Meanwhile, step by step, the residents are moved to relieve their environment from the dangers of drugs. The addicts are no longer afraid to visit and to get the treatment at the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) polyclinic in there.

The in-out portal crossbar with the closed circuit television (CCTV), which initially served as an early warning for drug dealers when the security forces arrived, nowadays we changed its function as part of the environmental security system there.

Introducing the Information Technology

At the end of 2014, we integrated the application of information technology to prevent the community basis crime. I have observed that the application of information technology makes efforts to prevent and expose crimes more concise, faster, and requires less manpower.

With this assumption, we chose the Casagoya Residence Housing Complex, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, as a pilot project. The majority of the residents of this complex are from the upper middle class and educated. Therefore they are familiar to information technology.

The settlements are equipped with a number of CCTVs and monitors at the guard posts. When we started the Sigahtan program (crime prevention system) in there, they responded quickly by creating a whatsapp (WA) group that connected the fellow residents, managers and members of the security unit at the guard post. The prevention effort of the community basis crime through the WA group, it’s quickly built.

However, with the tightly and modern pattern of crime prevention, robberies still occurred on Wednesday (November, 19th 2014). The culprit is “insider”. This experience shows that various efforts to prevent crime as sophisticated and strict as it is, will fail by “insider” actions. Because, only “insiders” know the system and its patterns. In the other words, there had been “putrefaction from the inside”.

To prevent this thing reoccur, the security guards, managers, and residents, must comply with a system of inspection, supervision, including the restrictions and reconfirmation of each individual in the complex area.

The Sigahtan

This incident became our capital to expand Sigahtan to the entire jurisdiction of the West Jakarta Sub regional Police. We have developed the utilization of information technology. Through the Sigahtan application, the residents of West Jakarta can notify or call the police, regarding a crime or disaster which is currently and will be happening. The concerns that residents will encounter the difficulties at the police station, that is can be avoided. Through this application system which can be downloaded via the Android system, the police are the ones who will come to meet the residents.

The system is Mobile (cellular phone) to Mobile. We are not operator dependent. The concept is almost the same as Go-Jek. The police nearby who will responded.

In this program, the police collaborate with 12 institutions including the fire department, PLN (State Electricity Company) ambulance, Satpol PP (civil service police unit) and the TNI (Indonesian National Army). The police can ask the assistance from the 12 agencies if needed.

By Sigahtan, police services to the community can be faster, police coordination with the residents and related agencies can be more easily established.

The Kampung Tangguh

When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, I was officiate as a head of the East Java Chief of Regional Police. To faced with this, I returned to applying my work principles which is empowering the community through the police.

The community-based police activities are no longer limited to preventing and overcoming the crime, but include two other aspects, which are aspects of maintaining health by breaking the Covid-19 chain and aspects of economic resilience against damage to the national economy. These three aspects determine the degree of security for the residents of DKI (Special Capital Territory).

After going through the field research, the East Java Regional Police created the Kampung Tangguh Semeru program. Regarding this program, the readers can read the articles here under the title, “East Java Regional Police Strengthens the Kampung Tangguh” and the article, “It isn’t as Fast as Serving Instant Noodles”.

Nowadays, after I officiate as a Chief of Greater Jakarta Regional Police, i together with the ranks, along with the TNI (Indonesian Nationak Army), the DKI (Special Capital Territory of Jakarta) Provincial Government and other related agencies, to continuing the Kampung Tangguh program in East Java, it is named Kampung Tangguh Jaya.

The Kampung Tangguh Jaya program is a combination of the Sigahtan program and the Kampung Tangguh Semeru program. The basic principle is the same, which are taking advantage of advances in information technology, building police officers, caring for the DKI Jakarta residents sense of secure by enforcing the rules of the game, without discrimination.

To learn more about this report read Kampung Tangguh Jaya Report

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