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CALDER (2005) marked off the technology information and communication development with the increasing the utilization of computer, internet, broadbrand technology until the computer price more affordable. This make the information play an important role in the social life, economic, cultural and the political.

The information also formed the new societies that famous as the information society. Later on, the information become the important resource in modern society. This is emerging the new dynamic. Coupled, with increase in volume and diversity of data and information processing that gave rise the concept of those information society.

According to Marco (2009), this new form of society depend on the information product and service. The information society is the new stage of the human civilization. It symbolizes a new way of life. This development will find momentum in 2020 simultaneous regional election that will implement at September, 23rd 2020.

The social media utilization or the portal website, generally will increased, due to the campaign needs for the leader candidate. The society information will rely on the digital platform compare with the conventional media.

Based on 2015 Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data, Indonesia’s characteristics as an information society are obvious. In 2013, in Indonesia there are the following data:

  1. 5.86% of households use fixed-line telephones
  2. 86.09% of households use cell phones
  3. 32.22% of households have accessed the internet in the last 3 months
  4. 15.09% of the population aged 5 years and over have accessed the internet in 3
    months lastly
  5. 10,085,624 telecommunications customers with cables
  6. 331,709,063 wireless telecommunications customers

From 2014 the last year data showed, the net user in Indonesia reached 88.1 million from total 252 million peoples. This data is the survey result which conducted by Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII).

In 2016, internet usage penetration in Indonesia reached 51.8%. Its mean, there are 132.7 million population which use the internet in daily lives.

As many as 8.2 million active Indonesian people used the internet for transactions. As many as 7.16 million people actively use the internet in the interacting through the social media (Medsos), as quoted detik.com. The largest number of internet users was in Java Island as many as 86.4 million (65%), Sumatera 20.4 million (15,7%), Kalimantan 7.7 million (5.8%), Sulawesi 8.4 million (6.3%), Maluku, Papua, Bali and Nusa Tenggara of 9.5 million (7.2%).

Also Developing

Accompanying those changes, the crime also developing. Ones of it is the cybercrime phenomenon. This is a more unique crime phenomenon than the real non-technological crime.

Brenner (2010) mentioned the six aspect in the cybercrime that is stealth, challenge, anonymity, reconnaissance, escape and multipliable. With such uniqueness, the perpetrators can automate several crimes in the one unit of time.

Today there are various multidimensional challenge. The challenges like this is difficult to face partially. It needs the comprehensive handling.

This encourage the Republic of Indonesian National Police (Polri)always be dynamic and adaptable in responding all form of the security disruption and criminality. The effort in those handling formulated with the 11 of action optimization program toward the Republic of Indonesian National Police (Polri)which more professional, modern and trusted or popular with the designation as a PROMOTER. The action optimization program is explanation of some document as stated in the Article 2 of Law Number 2 of 2002 regarding the theRepublic of Indonesian National Police (Polri). The others document is Grand Strategy of the Republic of Indonesian National Police (Polri)2005-20023, especially step III Strive for Excellence 2016 – 2025. See Diagram of Explanation Guide and Implementation of Optimization of PROMOTER Priority Program Action.

Besides those document, there are the 4 main threat in the various developing countries, including in Indonesia that is as follow:

  1. Political hegemony of various countries
  2. Regional turmoil
  3. Organized crime
  4. Threats of ideology, extreme groups, both left and right, and culture


The professionalism requires education and training for the police members. This was accompanied by increased effectiveness and efficiency, corporate with the experts, also encouraging the understanding regarding the society lives and criminal potential.

The administrative reforms carried out by reorganization, increasing the supervision of every policing activities, developing the strategies to combat the crime and supervise of the individual officers.

Technology is intended as the utilization of various technological innovations in policing. This includes patrolling, the use of radio communications, public records systems, fingerprinting, toxicology, and forensics (Gaines and Miller, 2011).

Chief of Indonesian Police, Idham Aziz has long time since instructed to the members including the Mobile Brigade Corps to be ready to secure various national agendas, ones of it is the 2020 simultaneous regional election. These instructions were conveyed while leading the 74th anniversary commemoration ceremony at Depok Mobile Brigade (Brimob) Command’s office (Mako), November 14th 2019.

Chief of Indonesian Police also conveyed 7 priority programs of Indonesian Police, among others: realizing superior human resource, stabilization of Harkamtibmas (Maintenance of Security and Public Order), law enforcement be professional and be fair, stabilization of media management, strengthening synergy polisional, institutional structuring and reinforcement of supervision. “The implementation of the PROMOTER program over the past three years has shown significant results. That is increasing public confidence in the Republic of Indonesian National Police (Polri). Therefore, during my leadership period, I continued this program,” Chief of the Republic of Indonesian National Police (Kapolri) said.

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