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It isn’t as Fast as Serving Instant Noodles




Basically, the Kampung Tangguh Semeru Program (KTS) in East Java is an effort to development the community in educating and coaching the society disciplined, orderly and want to live healthy. This step purposed for cutting the link of the Covid-19 spreads.

Through the education and training, the society are invited to build the new traditions, the traditions to maintain social distancing and maintain physical distancing. Apply a healthy lifestyle like using a mask. Hand washing habits, as well as changing work and study patterns at home.

Through the education and training, the society are advised to comply with large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), for reducing social mobilization including population movement between the regions. And it make grow the personal awareness to carry out the independent quarantine.

With the perspective that the Covid-19 pandemic is encouraging social change towards a stronger society, a policing approach that is oriented towards solving community problems (problem oriented policing) was chosen. In this type of policing, the police are required to have the ability to analyze the cause of the problem, followed by alternative solutions to the problem.

Some the methods that can be applied to obtain alternative solutions to problems are to build community partnerships, organizational transformation, problem solving, and community mobilization.
The community partnerships knitted for reinforce the synergy and solidity of the Indonesian National Army – Indonesian National Police, reinforce the cooperation with the Regional Government and all elements, especially community leaders, and the law enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, the organizational transformation is focused on organizational resources to support the acceleration of Covid-19 handling. Namely by building and maintaining the order, protecting the safety of citizens and officers, guarding the crime scene, and providing the assistance.

The organization transformation, oriented on the policing, oriented on the problem solving, with prioritize the crime prevention.

The step which that can be taken by appealing, educating and socializing regarding PSBB violation and health protocol violation.

Why building the KTS isn’t as fast as brewing the instant noodle?
Build the KTS such as building a house. The house wasn’t built overnight, such as in the storybook. Build the society participation for creating the ability to prevent, disprove and the social problem solving that faced which endanger and harmful the community.

Build the KTS isn’t such as installing a program into the computer, which is ready to use and running instantly.

Build the KTS such as a child who’s studying to walk, it need time and patience.

Build the KTS isn’t like making the instant noodles, which ready to serve instantly. Truly, the instant noodles are the final process. There is the systemic work before wrapped up, until the instant noodles is ready to eat.

That is the true KTS, because the main thing is PARTICIPATION. It isn’t the INTERVENTION moreover the coercion.

Build the participation is need a process. There are planning, design and an actor or artisan.
There are voluntary contributions in the form of material and non-material (ideas, one brick, one thousand silver coins) at the same level.

Especially if it’s built in mutual cooperation. Unite.

The foundation of KTS is a mutual cooperation. The pillar is togetherness. The roof is participation of all elements. The walls are peacefulness. The window is harmony.

Actually, KTS is a miniature of the Indonesia nature and culture which peacefully, harmonious, mutual cooperation and mutual sharing.

And it can’t bought in the stores. It’s live in the blood and our breath.

Regarding PSBB and violations of health protocols, the doctors from the Texas Medical Association’s TMA (The Texas Medical Association) and the TMA Committee for Infectious Diseases, have ranked the risk of contracting Covid-19.

The low-risk activities to infected, ordering food in restaurants to eat at home, and filling vehicles with fuel at gas stations.

The low-medium category is when shopping for groceries, walking around, and eating in restaurants.

The medium category, when having dinner at someone else’s house, shopping at the mall, and working in an office.

The medium-high category, when to the hair salon, eating in restaurants, and traveling by plane.

High category when someone works out at the gym, goes to a sports stadium, and drinks at a bar.

The Violent Robbery and The Weighting Crimes

The next step towards problem solving policing is to conduct the policing which firmly measure against the crimes with violence and weights; act decisively distribution abuser and supervise the distribution social assistance right on target.

Besides the preventing crime during the Covid-19 period, the Indonesian National Police with other agencies were also on tasked to resolved the PSBB effect, that is work termination, the adverse effect of independent quarantine, stigma against the individuals and Covid-19 victim’s family, rejection of the PSBB and weakening of mental health which can lead to the cases of violence in the household.

With the rationale and theory as explained earlier, the National Indonesian Police to the “battlefield” breaking the spread chains of Covid-19. In the field, the implementation of thought and that theory, need time, phasing and continuous process.

It is not easy to build the social cohesion, build the new tradition in the Covid-19 Period. Same as build Kampung Tangguh Semeru which isn’t as fast as serving instant noodles.

Two Sides of the Disaster

When facing a disaster, in this case the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian National Police must be able to see two sides of the disaster – the negative side, and the positive side.

With the ability to see both sides of the disaster, the Indonesian National Police is expected to be able to prevent the negative impacts, while on the other hand be able to take advantage of the positive side’s opportunities.

On the negative side, disasters show a tendency towards anti-social action and crime, as presented by a number of research results on disasters published since the 2015’s.

The disasters, as conveyed by Frailing and Harper (2017), have triggered the development of coercive communities, ongoing trauma and social disruption.

The disasters, writes Nath (2019), tend to result in social instability and abnormalities. It create the anomalies in crisis-stricken communities. Disasters become criminogenic situations.

On the positive side, as stated by the results of research on the 1970s disaster, the disaster was able to strengthen community solidarity. Disasters can reduce conflicts in the community.

The disaster, writes Drobek (1986), has several functions for the community, that is to make the community aware of the threats coming from the outside, there is the priorities that must be agreed upon. The disasters also serve to make people aware of the priority of problems that must be quickly resolved.

The disasters can make the people’s attention focus on the current conditions, and strengthen social identity and role in society. (*)

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